Mega Globe Bong Black Edition MK2 With XL Cooling Mouthpiece

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Our most popular water pipe has reached a Super Saiyan level of evolution. Get ready for the premier choice in water cooling, the Mega Globe Mk 2 (pronounced 'Mark 2'). You’re witnessing the rebirth of an already structurally magnificent water piece. The Mk 2 adds insane new functionality that will encourage you to try out endless configurations.

Like its predecessor, the Mk 2 represents the perfect size and shape for concentrate and dry herb vaporizers alike. It holds a substantial amount of water, allowing you to take massive hits without worrying about searing heat scorching your throat. Beyond the size, we’re looking at a completely redesigned unit.

The Mega Globe Mk 2 features a popular 14mm female joint that connects to the downstem, which leads further into the completely re-imagined spherical percolator. This new percolator boasts multiple internal spike indentations for maximum air disruption. The Mk 2 has an incredibly accessible airflow; you'll be able to pull as hard as you like with no resistance. To wit, this baby chugs.

One more thing. The Mega Globe Mk 2 now includes a 10mm female joint that also connects to the downstem. This opens all sorts of customization options. You can connect a 14mm rig like a MiniNail, or a 10mm device like a DynaVap, and if you're feeling really brave, try connecting two devices at the same time! The female joints come with glass stoppers, so you won’t need to use your finger to plug an unused joint. The 10mm female joint also works as a carb cap or shotgun, making it significantly easier to empty the vapour from your Globe without having to remove your vaporizer.

The Mega Globe Mk 2 comes with both a whip and glass mouthpiece to continue with the theme of options and customization. This water pipe is a must-have for anyone who loves big vapour clouds. Turn it up to eleven, with the Mega Globe Mk 2.