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With its futuristic design unlike any water piece on Earth, the UFO Pipe's remarkable cooling delivers an out-of-this-world experience.

Built on a stable cone-shaped beaker base, the UFO Pipe features a sturdy 14mm female joint and a large water reservoir for vapor conditioning. The base has a primary honeycomb percolator with a smaller secondary honeycomb above. These two percs work together to shred through the thickest and hottest hits, leaving you with nothing but clean, cool vapor. The base is topped with a splash guard chamber, and the UFO Pipe has an angled sidecar mouthpiece to keep all the water down in the rig.

The UFO Pipe is an exceptional palm-sized water tool for vapes or dabs that is great for your desktop, a road trip, or a hiking expedition. It doesn’t require much water to work, but it delivers knock-out rips that will leave you seeing stars!

Key Features:
    - 14mm female joint
    - Very stable beaker base
    - Dual honeycomb percolators
    - Splash guard top w/ sidecar mouthpiece
    - 2.75" diameter 5" tall base, 6" height to mouthpiece